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Checking Proofs

Helpful hints and tips

Grab a cup of tea and find somewhere quiet

You'll need a print out or a PDF on screen of your artwork for reference. It's easy to check what's on the proof, but all too often, people don't spot when an element has dropped off completely or a word has been spelled incorrectly. Make sure you double check names, telephone numbers etc. Please bear in mind PDF proofs are not for colour, as your screen is not calibrated for CYMK.

Get a fresh pair of eyes

After looking at the same job time and again, it's good to get someone else to check, particularly when it comes to proofing text. When you know what's coming next, it's easy to skip over words or fill in blanks if something is missing. Calling numbers and typing lengthy URLs into your browser are simple ways of checking these details. It's far better to take your time checking a proof properly than to rush and risk a re-print.


When checking images on the PDF for approval it is important to be aware that they are not set up for print, they may appear at a lower resolution. This is due to a reduction in the file size, to send through attached to an email.


It is your responsibility to check the artwork and ensure it meats your requirements. Please take the time to carefully check all the steps outlined above. If you require a printed sample of your artwork please call Orchard Press to have this arranged. If your artwork requires changes, you can either email, call or drop by Orchard Press and speak to our design department with your amendments outlined. Our graphic designers will make these changes and re-submit the proof for you.

Proof Checklist

Before you sign off your proof, make sure that you (and your colleague) have ticked all the relevant boxes below. Do not approve if you require any changes, only ever sign off your final proof when completely satisfied and happy to proceed to print.

1. Spelling and grammar

Watch out for words that a spell check won't catch, such as it's/its, their/there, your/you're,were/where,then/than, and to/too etc.

2. Consistent and correct spelling of specialised words

Such as product or brand names, and terminology.

3. Duplication

Check for two identical words or numbers that are next to each other.

4. Punctuation

Is it correct and consistent throughout?

5. Contact details

Check that contact names,telephone, and mobile numbers are correct. Also check email and web addresses.

6. Logo

Check it's correct version, as well as consistency of size and positioning.

7. General layout and colour/imagery

If it's a product shot, make sure it's the correct model and most up-to-date-shot. Check any final retouching meets with your approval.

8. Product codes and refeence numbers

9. Overall consistency with other materials

10. Pagination

Is the document size,page numbering and order correct?

11. Small print

Have you added this where relevant and checked the content to ensure any legal compliance?

12. Has someone else read the proof and completed the checklist?

13. Have you and a colleague signed the proof?

14. Do you need help with your artwork?

Speak to our sales team for pricing.

Approving your artwork

When you are satisfied that all details are correct, please either:

  • Email through a clear approval to our studio for example: "Happy to proceed to print".
  • Drop by Orchard Press with a signed copy of the artwork.

Approving PDF proofs

Please do bear in mind that what you see on screen is not colour correct, your screen is set up differently to our screens and is not colour calibrated. Your proof is really just an indication for colour and mainly used for check spelling, text and layouts.

If you have concerns about colours and you need to achieve specific colours to match with previous work or to match with your corporate identity please speak to our sales team or studio to arrange a hard copy colour correct prof. There is a small change for this additional service but will identify any colour issue's before you go to print.

For help signing off and checking your proofs, please see our proofs checklist.